FRNK boutique (pronounced “FRANK”) was founded in 2019
in Vancouver, British Columbia, and created by Stephanie Nicole Frank,
CEO and designer.


 Stephanie created FRNK boutique for women who want to feel stylish
and confident. FRNK pays close attention to the details in a garment,
studying the shape and form of a woman’s figure while
keeping the pieces stylish and trendy.
FRNK is inspired by runaway trends, vintage collections,
fashion icons, and femininity.


 All pieces are designed in-house from start to finish.
We focus on creating timeless pieces that accentuate feminine curves.
From design to production, we work closely with our team
and thoroughly inspect each piece to ensure quality
and expectations are fully met.


 We design months ahead to make sure that the quality
and fit of our pieces are perfect for you.
FRNK boutique is a place where you find garments that are
thoughtfully designed, crafted and stamped with uniqueness.
Our goal is to make woman feel sexy, powerful, and confident.

Founder | Designer

"I design what I want to wear."
- Alexander McQueen